Dog Stripe Polo T-shirt

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High quality, soft and warm.
Stripe pattern, fashionable and make your pet looks dynamic.
Prevent your pet's hair drop on the floor.
Easy to clean.


Material: Cotton
Color: Red,Blue
Quantity: 1Pcs
Size: XS/S/M/L


Size Neck Girth Back Length Chest Girth Common Breeds
XS 20CM(7.87") 18CM(7.09") 28CM(11.02") Tiny Toy Poodle,Yorkie,Chihuahua
S 22CM(8.66") 23CM(9.06") 34CM(13.39") Maltese,Pomeranian,Toy Poodle
M 28CM(11.02") 27CM(10.63") 40CM(15.75") Shih Tzu,Pekingese,Miniature Schnauzer
L 32CM(12.60") 35CM(13.78") 46CM(18.11") Poodle,Pug

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